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(From January 2001 Nativity newsletter)

Vestry Meeting

    Liz Stoner, a member of the Sola Dei Gloria Memory Garden committee, told vestry members in December about a booklet that is being prepared and a discussion ensued about the cost of interment.

      The fee will be $500 for active or inactive members, $750 for former members and $1,000 for other Christians.

      Lois Johnson asked, "If I die tomorrow, half of my ashes will be in Massachusetts and half will be here; do I get a cut rate?"

      One person joked that people might say that “she was only half here when she was here.”

      However, those monies will go to an endowment which will provide permanent upkeep of the garden.

    Lois Johnson  then presented names that would be sent to the bishop for approval.

      Those approved as Lay Eucharistic Visitors are Bob Haeffner, Gussie Haeffner, Nancy John Langdon, Joanne Marino, Lois Johnson, Gary Bradshaw, Susan Bradshaw, Dick Wernick, Irene Wernick, Ros Hall, Liz Stoner, Deborah Young and Debra Teahan.

      Those approved as Lay Eucharistic Ministers are Duane Deuel, Linda Seehawer, Debra Teahan, Dick Wernick, Liz Stoner, Candy Stott, Bob Haeffner,  Gussie Haeffner, Lois Johnson, Nancy John Langdon, Joe Schifano, Bill Stoner, Marcia Simington, Deborah Young, Gary Bradshaw, Anna Haeffner and Joanne Marino.

      Those approved to serve as lectors are Joanne Marino, Karla Porter, Bob Haeffner,  Gussie Haeffner, Bob Halliday, June Carol Hines, Lois Johnson, Ray Kimmens, Bill Stoner, Linda Seehawer, Liz Stoner, Deborah Young, Nicki Vance, Gary Bradshaw, Raymond Kow,  Susan Kow, Millie Bennett, Anna Haeffner, Bob Mostertz, Sharon Simington, Bruce Simington, Nancy John Langdon, Sharon Murphy, Doris Stinebert, Joe Schifano, George Smith and Walter Maytham.

    Father Jim mentioned that if any member was having second thoughts about serving on the Vestry, this might be a good time to let him know. He emphasized that he was not indicating that anyone should resign, but he suggested that with seven people running for the Vestry and the election coming up later in January, this was a safe period for anyone who wanted to refocus.

    Deb Teahan reported that the people participating in Winners Dinners have been shifted around so they could get to know other people. Also, newcomers or winter visitors are being assigned as they express interest.

    Jo Davidsmeyer said that Nativity's new by-laws and inventory are in progress.

    Assistant Treasurer Russ Housel reported that our stewardship campaign was running 20 percent ahead of this time last year. He also said that the church had 113 pledges last year and that we had already received 63.

      But Father Jim reminded everyone that the campaign is not over until the “chubby rector sings.”

      Russ also said that some of the Diocesan assessments had been changed and that Nativity's had increased seven percent. Father Jim said he would discuss some of these “adjustments” at the next Diocesan Council meeting.

    Joanne Marino suggested that parents should take younger children to the bathrooms during church services. She also said that Father Ken and Marilyn Davis had some great ideas for Christian Formation.

    Upcoming events include the Epiphany service on January 6, which will also mark the ordination anniversaries for both Father Ken and Father Jim. An Alpha Conference for team members will be held at Sun City Center on January 8 & 9. The ALPHA course will start at Nativity at 6:15 PM on February 7.

    The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 31 at 7:00 PM.

    Ash Wednesday services will be held on February 28.

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