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(Mission Committee)

(From September, 1999 Nativity newsletter)

Father Jim reported that the feasibility study for our building program has started. He also explained that one was necessary because the Diocese requires it since we are still a mission. Louise Halliday mentioned that there had been studies done in the past, but the diocese believes we need an updated one to help to determine if we have the potential funds to carry out our ambitious building plan.

Father Jim said that a tithe forum is scheduled to be held at St. Margaret of Scotland on August 17 and that Deacon Jan would attend. Apportionment will be the main topic since it will come up at the convocation and later at the convention.

The convocation will be at Church of the Holy Spirit in Osprey on September 13, and the next Mission Committee session will be delayed until September 20. The Diocesan Convention will be in Punta Gorda on October 9.

Deacon Jan said she would have a training meeting on Oct. 2 at 10:00 AM for those interested in becoming Lay Eucharistic Visitors. She requested and received permission to buy the necessary books for those people.

Elly Freyer said that the East County Observer has been listing our church services in its worship opportunities section. The question of advertising in that publication came up and the matter was turned over to Bob Halliday for study.

Bruce Simington said the church ceiling has been repaired and painted, but he had not made any contact with someone about the siding. He has inspected the building and in his opinion, we need a professional to do an analysis.

Charles Bohrer distributed copies of the Audit Committee's report, which was approved. The Mission Committee also discussed the church's insurance policy and the way that we invest our funds.

Joanne Marino announced that she has ordered the new church school curricula. Classes are scheduled to resume September 12.

Anna Haeffner reported that people are signing up for the new Alpha series and that she is hoping to do something special with the youth group each month. She also said she had invited all ushers and greeters to a meeting to discuss schedule and procedures.

Anna also said that celebration plans for when we become a parish are still being studied.

Louise Halliday talked about flower distribution from the standpoint that some times the flowers on the altar are not taken to hospitals or nursing homes. Deacon Jan said her Lay Eucharistic Visitors would take care of that particular situation when they are up and running.

The Mission Committee also agreed to buy new computers and the necessary software because the two we have are not working properly and need to be replaced. The approximate $3,500 cost will come from the Memorial Fund.

Several people have talked about fixing up the narthex. Father Jim said he would talk with Candy Stott about various redecoration plans.

Members present (there were three missing) discussed serving alcoholic beverages on the premises or at church functions. Several parishioners had commented to Father Jim about having wine and cheese functions inside the church building.

Some say that if alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the church, they should not be part of other activities such as the annual golf tournament, Winners' Dinners, or church picnics. The matter was tabled until the next meeting after a vote ended in a 3-3 tie.

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