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Investing in the Church

The church has a saving plan — an opportunity to invest in God's work.  This investment is open to everyone. And if a person invests now, he or she will grow with the investment.

You may have several questions about specific church needs and how you can help. Perhaps you are interested in investing more of your assets, whether they be money, time, or effort. You can rededicate your interest into your savings plan — reinvest it, as it were.

Investing in the church doesn't require a lump sum. All it takes is a few dollars each week and an open heart.  If you skip on the plan, there is no penalty except the one you impose on yourself by breaking the habit of investing regularly. And there are plenty of subsidiary activities for men, women, and children. Diversification of this sort is a perfectly sound way to invest.

There are as many reasons for investing as there are investors. Whatever your reason, it is never too late, or too early, to invest in the church and share in its growth.

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