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Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Sarasota, Florida

bulletThe Sign Board: Messages seen on the road that talk to us about God.
bulletChurch of the Nativity t-shirts
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bulletAbout Us
bulletWho we are
bulletDirections to us
bulletOur Programs
bulletDo You Know Your Bible?
bulletDo You Know Your Bible?
bulletDo You Know Your Bible?
bulletWhat is an Acolyte?
bulletWorship Team
bulletAltar Guild
bulletChildren's Corner -  Church of the Nativity
bulletProtecting God's Children: Required Training
bullet2002 Sep: Children's Corner - Calling All Kids!
bulletHow Do Children See Your Faith?
bullet2002 Aug: Children's Corner - Children's Church Procession
bullet2002-Summer: Children's Church Procession
bulletSunday School Past Events
bulletVacation Bible School at Church of the Nativity, Sarasota Florida
bulletLooking back at Vacation Bible School
bulletSing Lustily with Good Courage
bulletFestival Music in February
bulletAdvent Lessons and Carols
bulletNow Thank We All Our God - Story Behind the Thanksgiving Hymn
bulletLiturgical Music in Episcopal Services
bulletLessons and Carols
bulletChurch Music Concerts
bulletJohn Quincy Adams and Church Music - Oct, 2002
bulletReligious Music Week - Sep, 2002
bulletAnnual Appeal and September Preview - Aug, 2002
bulletNew Beginnings in Music - Jan, 2002
bulletFor Appreciation of Truth and Beauty - Sep, 2001
bulletSummer 2001 Update: Tanzania
bulletMay 2001 Music: Just As I Am
bulletApr 2001 Music: NAACP Benefit Concert
bulletMar 2001 Music: Intercultural Worship
bulletJan 2001 Music: Lessons and Carols
bulletDec 2000 Music: O Little Town of Bethlehem
bulletNov 2000 Music: The Holy Spirit and Song
bulletOct 2000 Music: Annual Conference of the Hymn Society
bulletSep 2000 Music: Qualifications for Choir Members
bulletAug 2000 Music: Wonder, Love, and Praise
bulletJun 2000 Music: A Natural Sign of Love
bulletOct 1999 Music: Do you know the Dentist's Hymn?
bulletSep 1999 Music: Not just another group of pretty musicians!
bulletARCHIVE: July, 1999 - Choir Notes for Church of the Nativity, Sarasota FL
bulletMay 1999 Music: No choir rehearsal in June and July
bulletApr 1999 Music: Worship at Nativity is varied
bulletOnward with Ultreya
bulletCursillo: Part 1 of multi-part series, 2001
bulletWhat is Cursillo?
bulletWhat is expected?
bulletWhat happens after Cursillo?
bulletPeriodical Fund
bullet2004 CPC Book Sale Success
bulletBring a Book, Buy a Book
bulletBeds and Breakfasts
bulletAnnual Book Sale for Church Periodical Club
bulletGuess the Pennies
bulletGive thanks with a grateful heart
bulletRead Any Good Books Lately?
bulletA Good Book Has No Ending
bulletCPC: Pennies
bulletSustained by Prayer through the illness of my husband
bulletFeb 2002 - Church Periodical Club
bulletSum 2001 - Church Periodical Club
bulletApr 2000 - CPC offers large print Bibles, needs your used magazines
bulletMar 2000 - Church Periodical Club
bulletFeb 2000 - Church Periodical Club
bulletJan 2000 - Church Periodical Club
bulletDec 2000 - Church Periodical Club
bulletNov 2000 - Church Periodical Club
bulletOct 2000 - Church Periodical Club
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bulletEpiscopal Church Women
bulletAdopt-A-Family project
bulletECW Prayer
bulletECW Archives of Past Activities
bulletECW Supports College Chaplaincy
bulletECW January 2004
bulletECW Prepares for Christmas
bulletSept 2002 ECW: Looking Ahead to Christmas
bulletSummer 2002 ECW notes
bulletFebruary 2002 ECW notes
bulletJanuary 2002 ECW notes
bulletApr 2001 ECW
bulletMar 2001 ECW
bulletFeb 2001 ECW
bulletJan 2001 ECW
bulletNov 2000 ECW notes
bulletNov 2000 ECW notes
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bulletAug 2000 ECW
bulletJun 2000 ECW notes
bulletMay 2000 ECW notes
bulletApr 2000 ECW notes
bulletMar 2000 ECW
bulletFebruary 2000 ECW
bullet1999 archive
bulletSep, Oct, Nov 1999 ECW notes
bulletMay, 1999 Episcopal Church Women (ECW) at Church of the Nativity, Sarasota Florida
bulletApr 1999 ECW notes
bulletMar 1999 ECW notes
bulletFeb 1999 ECW notes
bulletJan 1999 ECW notes
bullet1998: Dec and Nov ECW notes
bulletEpiscopal Church Women (ECW) at Church of the Nativity
bulletEpiscopal Church Women (ECW) at Church of the Nativity
bulletDaughters of the King
bullet7th Annual Golf Banquet
bulletNativity Cruise in December 2004
bulletShare the Joy - Opportunities for Fellowship, Service, and Renewal- Dec 2002
bulletThe Long, Long Summer of Nativity Golfers - Nov 2002
bulletNativity Golfers, Singing Christmas Tree and Barbershoppers
bulletFellowship Events at Church of the Nativity - Sarasota, Florida
bulletNativity Sports - Feb 2002
bulletFellowship Events at Church of the Nativity
bulletStewardship Page, Church of the Nativity
bulletChurch finances as end of 2002 approaches
bulletCommitment - More than just a promise
bullet2002 budget for our new church, can you pledge to a purpose?
bulletGiving Stock, Mutual Funds, and Bonds
bulletChurch of Nativity Pledges 1985 to 1998
bulletPlanned Giving to Church of the Nativity
bulletHonor Roll of Contributors - March, 1999
bulletWhat Does Your Church Mean to You?
bulletWhere you put your money, is where your heart is
bulletA Saving Plan
bulletHaiti Ministry
bulletHaiti sends thanks to Nativity's kids
bulletA Thank You from Tytoo Gardens, a Christian Mission for Children in Haiti
bulletLois and Judi's Excellent Adventures in Haiti
bulletBanana Bark Cards and Food for the Poor
bulletHaiti Ministry - Holy Trinity School
bulletExploratory Trip to Haiti
bullet2002, Summer
bullet2002, January
bullet2001, Summer
bullet2001, May
bullet2001, April
bullet2001, March
bullet2001, February
bullet2001, January
bullet2001 Vestry Candidates, Church of the Nativity
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bulletVestry response to 2003 Convention of Bishops and Delegates of the Episcopal Church
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bulletOur Clergy
bulletFather Chuck Mann
bulletDon't Blow Out the Flame - June 2006 Rector's message
bulletA Message About Youth from Father Chuck
bulletPentecost - Birth of the Church (2005-May)
bulletFather Gerry, Assistant
bulletBe patient, strong, and of good courage
bulletThree events that Changed the World : May-2003
bulletThank Goodness Lent is Over : Apr-2004
bulletNewsletter Archive
bulletThe Revelation of a Neighbor : Apr-2003
bulletThe Holy Name of Jesus : Jan-2003
bulletAdvent is the Season to Be: Dec-2002
bulletThe Strongest Link: October-2002
bulletI Am the Way, the Truth and the Life: Summer-2002
bulletThis Lent, Focus on God, not ourselves: Feb-2002
bulletOur lives need not remain tattered and broken: Jan-2002
bulletSummer Doldrums: July-August 2001
bulletThe Spirit will blow and burn with a wondrous power of God: Jun-2001
bulletJesus - the humble, obedient servant: Apr-2001
bulletLent - A Time for Study, Discipline, and Renewal: Mar-2001
bulletA Singing Faith: Feb-2001
bulletI Like Beginnings: Jan-2001
bulletWelcome to the New Year: Dec-2000
bulletThanks be to God: November 2000
bulletTalent Treasure Time: October 2000
bulletA New Beginning: September 2000
bulletFaith and Prayer: August 2000
bulletYou hold the key: July 2000
bulletPut off your old nature: June 2000
bulletFrom Father Ken
bulletHave we accepted His gift?: Apr-2001
bulletChristians under Construction: Mar-2001
bulletCounting the Grumpies: Feb-2001
bulletThe church is you and me: Jan-2001
bulletFrom Deacon Jan
bulletCelebrate our true freedom this July 4: Summer-2001
bullet"Go, tell!" is the first command: May-2001
bulletDo we fully realize how frail our life really is?  Mar-2001
bulletAlpha is Coming!: Feb-2001
bulletNew beginnings, new hope: Jan-2001
bulletA bright, brilliant light: Dec-2000
bulletBethlehem Church of the Nativity
bulletGod is still in the Miracle Business: Nov-2000
bulletA Study of Megiddo: Oct-2000
bulletGod wants to bless us: Sep-2000
bulletThe Orders of Ministry within the Episcopal Church: Aug-2000
bulletBirth day of my ministry: Jul-2000
bulletWalking and Working in God's Will: Jun-2000
bulletOpportunities to serve-altar guild, greeters, ushers: May-2000
bulletLooking for a way to serve Jesus and your fellow parishioners? Apr-2000
bulletThe most solemn days of our church year: Mar-2000
bulletChildren's Communion Class - Can you see Jesus in You in the Communion Cup?
bulletWhy do we stand for the Gospel? Dec 1999
bulletIn His Beautiful Wilderness
bulletSymbolism of the Candles in the Church Procession
bulletCarrying the Gospel Book: Sep 1999
bulletProfile Requirements for Nativity Priest
bulletOur Library
bulletSt. Francis statue in Nativity's Memory Garden
bulletVictorian Gazebo
bulletStations of the Cross
bulletOutdoor Chapel
bulletInterment Ashes
bulletEndowment Fund
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bulletEpiscopal books
bulletThe Power of Prayer
bulletHow to Select your Book of Common Prayer - Nativity church
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bulletContact us at Church of the Nativity - Sarasota, Florida
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bullet2004-09 Nativity Tidings
bullet2004-08 Nativity Tidings
bullet2004-07 Nativity Tidings (pdf)
bullet2004-05 Nativity Tidings
bulletSearch Process for new Nativity Rector
bulletTraditional English Flower Festival at Nativity
bulletFaith Alive Weekend Feb 6
bullet2003-11 Nativity Tidings
bullet2003-01 Nativity Tidings
bulletHealth Ministry
bullet2002-12 Nativity Tidings
bullet2002-11 Nativity Tidings
bullet2002 Diocesan Convention
bullet2002-08 Nativity Tidings
bullet2002-07 Nativity Tidings
bulletSummer 2002: New name tags, teens
bullet2002-02 Nativity Tidings
bulletAnnual Meeting 2002 Church of the Nativity Sarasota
bullet2002-01 Nativity Tidings
bulletTerry Bradshaw
bulletTerry Bradshaw
bulletTerry Bradshaw at Church of the Nativity
bulletPittsburgh Steelers Posters
bullet2001-06 Nativity Tidings
bulletJun 2001: Thank you counters, Great Dads Workshop, Senior Ministries, Golf Tournament results, and more
bulletMay 2001: Daughters of the King encouraging spiritual growth
bullet2001-05 Nativity Tidings
bullet2001-04 Nativity Tidings
bulletApr 2001: Daughters of the King, Quilting Sisters
bullet2001-02 Nativity Tidings
bulletFeb 2001: Golf Tournament, In Memorium . . .
bullet2001-01 Nativity Tidings
bulletJan 2001:
bullet2000-12 Nativity Tidings
bulletDec 2000: Quilt show, Outreach, 12 days of Christmas, and more!
bulletChuch of the Nativity Activities 2000
bullet2000-11 Nativity Tidings
bullet2000-10 Nativity Tidings
bullet2000-09 Nativity Tidings
bulletGrowing Kids God's Way - a parenting course
bullet2000-08 Nativity Tidings
bulletJune 2000: Food Bank, Graduates, Summer Bible School, and more!
bulletChurch Building Fund: Millie Bennett outdoes Terry Bradshaw
bulletMay 2000: Future of MCC's Chaplaincy, Golf Tournament
bulletApril 2000
bulletMarch 2000
bulletMemorial Garden
bulletAnnual Meeting 2000 Church of the Nativity Sarasota
bulletNotes about what's happening now at Church of the Nativity
bulletPrayer Chains at Church of the Nativity, Sarasota FL
bulletNotes about what's happening now at Church of the Nativity - Sarasota, Florida
bulletDecember 1999 Calendar CHURCH OF THE NATIVITY
bulletBandages for Haiti Project at Church of the Nativity
bulletOktoberfest at Church of the Nativity
bulletChurch of the Nativity, Sarasota FL supports Noel House
bulletARCHIVE: Fallfest August 1999 - Oktoberfest at Church of the Nativity
bulletMonthly calendar of activities - Church of the Nativity, Sarasota FL
bullet1999 Archives
bulletARCHIVE: July 1999, Planning for Fall Fest at Church of the Nativity
bulletARCHIVE: Notes about what's happening now at Church of the Nativity - Sarasota, Florida
bulletARCHIVE: April, 1999: Notes about what's happening now at Church of the Nativity - Sarasota, Florida
bulletNotes about what's happening now at Church of the Nativity - Sarasota, Florida
bulletOktoberfest at Church of the Nativity
bulletLatest Information about Cursillo at Church of the Nativity, Sarasota FL
bulletNotes about what's happening now at Church of the Nativity - Sarasota, Florida
bulletOktoberfest at Church of the Nativity
bulletLent 1999 Activities at Church of the Nativity
bulletYouth Activities
bulletAlpha Course
bulletOnline Daily Office
bulletWhat's New with the Church of the Nativity newsletter
bulletFellowship Events at Church of the Nativity - Sarasota, Florida
bulletBuilding Committee at Church of the Nativity
bulletTerry Bradshaw Kicks Off our Hope and a Future Campaign
bulletAnnouncing Committee Leaders for Hope and a Future Campaign
bulletCommittee update, June 1999
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