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The following are the additions and changes to the Nativity web site.

New on the web site in 2014

bulletOctober 2014 newsletter
bulletSeptember 2014 newsletter
bulletAugust 2014 newsletter
bulletJune 2014 newsletter
bulletMay 2014 newsletter
bulletApril 2014 newsletter
bulletMarch 2014 newsletter
bulletFebruary 2014 newsletter
bulletJanuary 2014 newsletter

New on the web site in 2013

bulletDecember 2013 newsletter
bulletNovember 2013 newsletter
bulletOctober 2013 newsletter
bulletSeptember 2013 newsletter
bulletAugust 2013 newsletter
bulletJune/July 2013 newsletter
bulletMay 2013 newsletter
bulletApril 2013 newsletter
bulletMarch 2013 newsletter
bulletFebruary 2013 newsletter
bulletJanuary 2013 newsletter

New on the web site in 2012

bulletDecember 2012 newsletter
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bulletOctober 2012 newsletter
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New on the web site in 2011

bulletDecember 2011 newsletter
bulletNovember 2011 newsletter
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bulletJuly/August 2011 newsletter
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New on the web site in 2010

bulletDecember 2010 newsletter
bulletNovember 2010 newsletter
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New on the web site in 2009

bulletDecember 2009 newsletter
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New on the web site in 2008

bulletDecember 2008 newsletter
bulletNovember 2008 newsletter
bulletOctober 2008 newsletter
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bulletAugust 2008 newsletter
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New on the web site in 2007

bulletDecember 2007 newsletter
bulletNovember 2007 newsletter
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bulletSeptember 2007 newsletter
bulletAugust 2007 newsletter
bulletJuly 2007 newsletter
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New on the web site in 2006

bulletDecember 2006 newsletter
bulletNovember 2006 newsletter
bulletOctober 2006 newsletter
bulletSeptember 2006 newsletter
bulletAugust 2006 newsletter
bulletJuly 2007 newsletter
bulletJune 2006 newsletter
bulletMay 2006 newsletter
bulletApril 2006 newsletter
bulletMarch 2006 newsletter
bulletFebruary 2006 newsletter
bulletJanuary 2006 newsletter
bullet(Don't five up the Flame) Father Chuck Mann

New on the web site in 2005

bulletA Message About Youth from Father Chuck
bulletDecember 2005 newsletter
bulletNovember 2005 newsletter
bulletOctober 2005 newsletter
bulletSeptember 2005 newsletter
bulletAugust 2005 newsletter
bulletJuly 2005 newsletter
bulletJune 2005 newsletter
bulletPentecost: Happy Birthday, Church!
bulletMay 2005 newsletter
bulletApril 2005 newsletter
bulletMarch 2005 newsletter
bulletFebruary 2005 newsletter
bulletJanuary 2005 newsletter

New on the web site in 2004

bulletNewsletter December 2004
bulletNewsletter November 2004
bulletNewsletter October 2004
bulletNewsletter September 2004
bulletAugust 2004 Tidings Newsletter

July 2004 Tidings Newsletter:

bulletBe Patient, Strong, and of Good Courage Father Gerry talks about the past few weeks of the new Rector search and how Nativity has pulled together
bulletRequired Training for Protecting God's Children
bulletOnward with Ultreya
bulletSing Lustily with Good Courage by Karla Porter
bulletThey Also Serve ... Lectors
bulletMay, 2004 Tidings Newsletter
bulletThree events that changed the world
bulletSearch process
bulletHealth and Wellness Ministry
bulletGolf League News
bulletTreasurer's Report
bulletThank Goodness Lent is Over: Father Gerry's Easter letter
bulletFellowship: Caribbean Cruise in December
bulletFellowship: 7th Annual Golf Championship and Banquet
bulletECW Supports College Chaplaincy
bulletBook Sale a Huge Success, Helps Support MCC Chaplaincy Program
bulletFestival Music in February
bulletTraditional English Flower Festival, February 2004
bulletFaith Alive Weekend
bulletJanuary 2004 Nativity Tidings:
bulletGod's Unchanging Nature by Father Jim Murphy
bulletCPC Annual Sale: Bring a Book, Buy a Book
bulletEpiscopal Church Women Activities

New on the web site in 2003

bulletDecember 2003 Nativity Tidings:
bulletAdvent: God Promises to Shake Our World by Father Jim
bulletAdvent Lessons and Carols by Karla Porter
bulletNovember 2003 Nativity Tidings newsletter:
bulletFather Jim's message: Rejoicing! A Great Elixir for our Spirits
bulletKarla Porter: Now Thank We All Our God - The Story Behind this Thanksgiving Hymn
bulletChurch Periodical Fund: Beds and Breakfasts
bulletThe Revelation of a Friend by Father Gerry Bennett
bulletFebruary 2003 Nativity Tidings:
bulletUse Lent as a Tool by Father Jim Murphy
bulletJanuary 2003 Nativity Tidings newsletter:
bulletA Refiner of Silver by Father Jim Murphy
bulletThe Holy Name of Jesus by Father Gerry Bennett
bulletEpiphany Greetings to You by Karla Porter
bulletHealth Ministry by Father Ken Davis
bulletHaiti sends thanks to Nativity's kids
bulletAnnual Book Sale for Church Periodical Club by Liz Stoner

New on the web site in 2002:

December Nativity Tidings Newsletter:

bulletToward a Happy Advent by Father Jim
bulletAdvent is the Season to Be by Father Gerry
bulletShare the Joy - Opportunities for Fellowship, Service, and Renewal
bulletMusic: Lessons and Carols by Karla Porter
bulletChurch Periodical Club: Guess the Pennies by Liz Stoner
bulletChurch finances as end of 2002 approaches by Richard Gerhart

November Nativit Tidings Newsletter:

bulletThe Proper Response to His Abundant Grace by Father Jim
bullet2002 Diocesan Convention - Where is God's Name are We Going?
bulletECW Prepares for Christmas by Jean White
bulletChurch Music Concerts by Karla Porter
bulletCPC: Give thanks with a grateful heart by Liz Stoner
bulletA Thank You from Tytoo Gardens, a Christian Mission for Children in Haiti
bulletFellowship: The Long, Long Summer of Nativity Golfers
bulletStewardship: Commitment: more than just a promise

October Nativity Tidings Newsletter:

bulletMuch Ado about Something by Father Jim
bulletThe Strongest Link by Father Gerry
bulletPresident John Quincy Adams and Church Music by Karla Porter
bulletRead Any Good Books Lately? by Liz Stoner
bulletLois and Judi's Excellent Adventures in Haiti
bulletFellowship — Nativity golfers, tickets for Singing Christmas Tree, Ditchfield Family Christmas, Barbershoppers

September Nativity Tidings Newsletter:

bulletLooking Back on the History of Sunday School by Father Jim
bulletHow Do Children See Your Faith? by Sharon Murphy
bulletChurch Periodical Fund: A Good Book Has No Ending by Liz Stoner
bulletHaiti Mission: Banana Bark Cards and Food for the Poor by Deb Voorhees
bulletKid's Corner: Calling All Kids - Sunday School Starts - It's a Boy!
bulletECW- Looking Ahead to Christmas Shoeboxes and Adopt-A-Family
bulletReligious Music Week by Karla Porter

August Nativity Tidings Newsletter:

bulletRector Tenders Resignation by Father Jim
bulletChildren's Corner - Children's Church Procession
bulletCPC: I found a penny on the sidewalk...
bulletChoir and Handchimes return
2002 Summer Nativity Tidings (newsletter)
bulletWhat does Christian faith look like? by Father James Murphy
bulletI Am the Way, the Truth and the Life by Father Gerry
bulletOur mission in Haiti
bulletCPC: Sustained by Prayer through the illness of my husband
bulletThe core of our faith by Father Jim
bullet This Lent, focus on God, not ourselves
bullet February Nativity Tidings newsletter
January Nativity Tidings

New on the web site, in 2001:

bulletSummer Nativity Tidings
bulletJune Nativity Tidings
bulletMay Nativity Tidings
bulletApril Nativity Tidings
bulletMarch newsletter
bulletSola Dei Gloria Memory Garden
bulletFebruary 2001 Nativity Tidings newsletter
bulletJanuary Nativity Tidings newsletter

New on the web site, in 2000:


December Nativity Tidings


Email directory


November Nativity Tidings


October 2000 newsletter


September 2000 newsletter


August 2000 newsletter

New on the web site, from the July 2000 newsletter:

bulletFrom Father Jim: Abandoning ourselves to the Spirit
bulletDeacon's Beacon: Birth day of my ministry
bulletAssistant's Addendum: You hold the key

New on the web site, from the June 2000 newsletter:

bulletFrom Father Jim: Fire and the Church
bulletDeacon's Beacon: Walking and Working in God's Will
bulletAssistant's Addendum: Put off your old nature
bulletMusic: A Natural Sign of Love
bulletParish Profiles: Meet Elly Freyer
bulletECW (Episcopal Church Women): ECW contributions.
bulletChurch Periodical Club: Bringing the living presence of love of God
bulletVestry Committee Meeting Report
bulletEtcetera: Food Bank, Graduates, Summer Bible School, and more!

New on the web site, from the May 2000 newsletter:

bulletFrom Father Jim: Terry Bradshaw recognized God's grace among us
bulletDeacon's Beacon: Opportunities to serve in support of our services: altar guild, greeters, ushers
bulletHope and a Future Campaign: Millie Bennett outdoes Terry Bradshaw
bulletECW (Episcopal Church Women): Farewell, Snow Angels!
bulletChurch Periodical Club: 23 miles of pennies
bulletVestry Committee Meeting Report: Nativity's buildings, current and planned
bulletEtcetera: Future of the MCC Chaplaincy, Golf Tournament

New on the web site, from the April 2000 newsletter:

bulletFrom Father Jim: Sacrifice of Commitment and Faithfulness
bulletDeacon's Beacon: Looking for a way to serve Jesus and your fellow parishioners?
bulletMusic: We are standing on holy ground
bulletECW (Episcopal Church Women) April schedule
bulletChurch Periodical Club: Our penny jar disappeared for the 3rd time
bulletNativity Notes
bulletParish Profiles: Jan and Fran Mitchell
bulletVestry Committee Meeting
bulletCalendar of March Church activities

New on the web site, from the March 2000 newsletter:

bulletFrom Father Jim: Hope and a Future- Holy Ground for our Lord and the New Millenium
bulletBuilding Fund: Hope and a Future Campaign
bulletDeacon's Beacon: The most solemn days of our church year
bulletECW (Episcopal Church Women) March schedule
bulletMusic: From folk tune to sacred text
bulletNativity Notes: something for young parents, annual golf tournament, Shrove Tuesday breakfast, and about Deacon Margaret
bulletChildren's Call: New things going on in Children's Sunday School
bulletParish Profiles: Ed and Kay Rabideau
bulletVestry Committee Meeting

From the February 2000 newsletter:

bulletRector's Redolence: The "Good Morning!" feeling of epiphany
bulletDeacon's Beacon: Have you looked in the cup lately?
bulletParish Profiles: Cheryl Cutrona, Mary Ann Nunnaly
bulletMusic notes: What makes music sacred?
bulletMemorial Garden
bulletAnnual Meeting
bulletStewardship: chart of pledges 1985 to present
bulletNativity Notes: annual golf tournament, Shrove Tuesday breakfast, more
bulletVestry committee meeting
bulletEpiphany prayer
bulletChurch Periodical Club

Updated December 14, 1999:

bulletNativity Notes & News
bulletBook store: turn your book, tape, and CD purchases into cash for the church, see what your fellow parishioners are reading

Updated December 1, 1999:

bulletRector's Redolence: Joshua questions God
bulletDeacon's Beacon: This month's question is "Why do we stand for the Gospel?"
bulletDecember calendar

Updated November, 1999:

bulletDecaon's Beacon : In His beautiful wilderness

Updated October 1, 1999:

bulletVatic Vicar: The Vicar is leaving!
bulletDeacon's Beacon: Jesus is the Light of the World
bulletECW report:  "Snow Angels" winging our way
bulletMusic Notes: if Father Jim can do it...
bulletChurch Periodical Club proclaiming God's love

Updated September 6, 1999:

bulletDeacon's Beacon: a new monthly feature from Deacon Jan!
bulletECW report: new ECW season started!
bulletFall Fest Update mark October 23 on your calendar!
bulletMusic Notes: three elements that are essential for praising God.
bulletMission report: feasibility study for our building program has started.
bulletStewardship: donating stock and other appreciated assets to the church.
bulletSunday School starts September 12.

Updated August 2, 1999:

bulletVatic Vicar: keeping connected with our faith
bulletOutreach: our spirit of giving
bulletFall Fest Update our Fall Festival planning continues, help needed with arts and crafts.
bulletBible Readings updated with links to this month's lectionary
bulletmonthly calendar
bulletBook store: turn your book, tape, and CD purchases into cash for the church

Updated July 1, 1999:

bulletNativity Notes & News: church videographer returns; hogs in the Memorial Garden; more
bulletMusic Notes: Basic music reading class starts July 8, and a brief look a hymn writer Isaac Watts.
bulletFall Fest Update our Fall Festival planning continues, help needed all summer with arts and crafts.
bulletMission report: results of Kash 'N Karry fund-raiser.
bulletNoel House: provides help to pregnant women in crisis in Sarasota County.
bulletBible Readings updated with links to this month's lectionary
bulletmonthly calendar

Updated June 1, 1999:

and monthly calendar

bulletBackgrounds now in green, the color for the current church year
bulletVatic Vicar: the theological importance of Beauty
bulletPrayer is Power
bulletChurch Periodical Club, gifts and scholarships distributed
bulletProfiles: Bill and Debbie Stoner and Family
bulletNativity Notes & News: golf tournament results, church burglary, confirmations, graduates
bulletBuilding Committee Update: plans approved, plans for capital campaign
bulletMusic Notes: coming in July, basic music reading course!
bulletMission committee report
bulletupdates to Bible Readings

Updated May 1, 1999:

bulletAdded Bible Readings for May from the Revised Common Lectionary
bulletMay Calendar
bulletECW report: pot-luck to close season
bulletChurch Periodical Club
bulletVatic Vicar: being a "born again" leader
bulletProfiles: Ralph and Helen Mecklenburg
bulletMusic Notes: coming soon, introduction to hand chimes course
bulletNativity Notes & News
bulletMission committee report

Updated April 1, 1999:

bulletAdded Bible Readings for April from the Revised Common Lectionary
bulletupdated Calendar
bulletBackgrounds now in gold for the Easter season
bulletMusic Notes: different expressions of worship, and new hymnbooks have arrived!
bulletVatic Vicar: our faith and political correctness
bulletMonthly ECW report: results of Valentine luncheon and April dates to mark on calendar
bulletProfiles: Joanne Marino, Vickie and Brad Nichols
bulletNativity Notes & News: including info about parishioners in School of Ministry
bulletMission committee report
bulletChurch Periodical Club
bulletAltar Guild breakfast meeting April 24 for current members and those interested in learning more
bulletSale! on Nativity Polo Shirts, only $10 while they last
bulletOktoberfest our Fall Festival planning continues, help needed all summer with arts and crafts
bulletFellowship: second annual golf tournament

Updated March 25, 1999:

bulletadded a site search feature on the main page

Updated March 3, 1999:

bulletCursillo page
bulletLinks updated in March calendar
bulletBackgrounds now in Lenten purple

Updated March 1, 1999:

bulletVatic Vicar : embark upon a holy Lent
bulletStewardship: The Honor Roll
bulletBuilding Committee Update
bulletProfiles: Ed and Doris Stinebert, Ralph and Elizabeth Alee
bulletChoir Notes
bulletNativity Notes & News
bulletMonthly ECW report
bulletOktoberfest planning begins
bulletChurch Periodical Club
bulletMission committee report
bulletMarch Calendar
bulletShare our fellowship:
Ladies Living Solo Get-together
Black Hills Passion Play
2nd Annual Nativity Golf Tournament

Updated February 15, 1999:

bulletOktoberfest starts in March
bulletMade the Bible Quiz interactive

Updated January 30, 1999:

bulletActivities for Lent
bulletNativity Notes & News
bulletVatic Vicar : a prayer to open the legislature
bulletMonthly ECW report
bulletFebruary Calendar
bulletWhat Does Your Church Mean to You?
bulletYouth activities
bulletShare our fellowship
bulletBible Quiz
bulletProfiles: Walter and Donna Maytham, Griff and Lyn Griffiths, and a Tip O' the Hat to Ray Kimmens.

Updated January 11, 1999:

bulletAdded pictures of youth Alpha at Billy Graham crusade.
bulletNew Cursillo information page

Updated January 9, 1999:

bulletAdded pictures of church building, Father Jim during children's sermon, and Karla rehearsing handchime choir.

Updated January 3, 1999:

bulletVatic Vicar : Jesus took the next step
bulletMonthly Vestry committee report
bulletMonthly ECW report
bulletChoir Notes
bulletJanuary calendar
bulletThank You, God, article by Dick Wernick
bulletChurch Periodical Club
bulletMission Committee Candidate Profiles

Updated December 3, 1998:

bulletA Saving Plan, article by Jabbo Gordon
bulletChurch Periodical Club
bulletLectionary readings added to monthly calendar
bulletLink to morning and evening prayer from Book of Common Prayer

Updated December 1, 1998:

bulletVatic Vicar, December message from Father Jim
bulletMonthly Vestry committee report
bulletMonthly ECW report
bulletChristmas Mission project: Adopt-A-Family
bulletChoir Notes
bulletLoud Cheer for Jabbo Gordon's work on the newsletter
bulletParish Profiles features the McConnells and the Schifanos
bulletDecember calendar
bulletYouth activities
bulletSunday School need for volunteers
bulletFellowship Events

Web site created November 22, 1998.


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