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Church Periodical Club:
National Books Fund and Miles of Pennies Fund

(From January 2001 Nativity newsletter)

But the angel of the Lord said to them . . . . I bring you  good news of great joy that will be for all people.

Luke 2: 10

The celebration of the birth of Our Lord has come to an end, but the news of great joy continues with us throughout the year. This good news is not just for those of us who are the Church, we who have prayer books, Bibles, a variety of other books including commentaries and dictionaries, who have magazines, pamphlets, tapes videotapes, CD's and hymnals, but for all people. We sing, "Spread the Good News o'er all the earth," and we follow up with outreach that is intended to do just that. Our participation in the work of the CPC is a means of reaching people who do not know the Good News and of assisting others who rejoice in knowing it to grow in their understanding and to share their wisdom in their communities.

As we support the NBF, we provide reading materials to college students, seminarians, missionaries, libraries, schools and other institutions and persons affiliated with the Anglican Communion. The materials "may be religious or secular, but must be for the work of the Church." Once a year at Nativity, we have an in-gathering for NBF. This will occur on CPC Sunday, February 4th. Prior to that we will have our Bring a Book, Buy a Book, sale which will begin January 21 and end on the 4th of February. All book sale funds will be combined with the in-gathering money; up to fifty percent of the total may be kept at the parish level for distribution according to CPC guidelines. If you know of a local need, please speak with me about it before the 4th. Meanwhile, box up all the books you have finished reading and would like to share with our church family and bring them to church for our sale. To purchase a book, place any amount up to one dollar in the basket that will be on the book table.

In addition to NBF, CPC has established the MOP fund which furnishes aids to literacy to schools and libraries in the U. S. A. and wherever else in the world a need is shown and a request is made. The largest grant awarded is for $844.80 which equals one mile of pennies when they are laid out side by side. Placing your pennies in the red basket in the narthex brings awareness of the Good News and miles of smiles to underprivileged youngsters who are between the ages of five and eighteen.

As we take part in the work of CPC, we become angels spreading the Good News and great joy that is for all people and we glorify God.

June Hanley


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