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Music Notes
by Karla Porter
Nativity Music Director

(From June 2000 Nativity Tidings)

A Natural Sign of Love

For Episcopalians, full participation in the liturgy includes singing of hymns. What a magnificent Easter we had — the joy of knowing our Resurrected Lord expressed in a singing declaration from the assembly. Our corporate singing is a wonderful way to acknowledge God’s presence.

Did you ever think about how much singing is a part of our lives. An article I recently read cited the teaching of St. John Chrysostom: "[A] mother sings as she rocks her baby to sleep in her arms. The traveler sings … as he walks in the heat of the day. The farmer sings as he tends his vines, gathers or presses the grapes, or does any other work. Sailors sing as they row … they sing alone or together, seeking through song to ease the fatigue. Thanks to singing, the spirit bears with the hardest suffering." He further stated "as a natural sign of love, song has an indispensable part in Christian worship" (as quoted in the GIA Quarterly, Spring 2000).

As we move together through the Liturgy, our prayers, our praises, our confession, our Eucharistic fellowship — our singing helps to bind us together with one voice in response to the presence of God.

You may note that in the above activities, there are no musical instruments mentioned! But that is only to say that the only instrument we need is the human voice. When we come with tambourine, timbrel, trumpet, and lute, it is only to assist the worship and NEVER to supplant the human voice. But I fear that I am "preaching to the choir." Nativity’s singing congregation is a joy and may you continue to honor God’s presence with your joyous singing.

Schedule Note: The last scheduled choir practice before the summer hiatus will be June 8.

Karla Porter
Music Director

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